Why Book a Soloist?

Singers and solo musicians add a more intimate touch to your event – whether a wedding, corporate event, or any size party. If it’s a solo act, you’ll find it on BRISBAND.

The obvious benefit is that soloists are significantly cheaper to hire than multiple artists and bands.  So, in terms of value for money, solo musicians are a huge bang for buck!

Soloists take up far less space at an event and, in almost every case, their set up and dismantle times are minimal compared with their band counterparts.

In terms of crowd interaction, there is one focal point for guests and many venues consistently report greater crowd feedback and participation with soloists and solo musicians than they do with multiple musicians and bands.

GAZ, one of Brisbane’s most popular solo artists for the past 20 years, says that “…when guests request songs, I find they are far more likely to come up and say g’day and have a bit of a chat between sets when it’s just me performing as opposed to a band situation.”

Either way, ANY live music significantly boosts your event; soloist or a band!  And you are most definitely more likely to get that perfect artist for your event when you use a FREE aggregation service like BRISBAND to search all musicians and live musics acts across South East QLD.  Tell us what you need today!

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