Live music gets people more excited and living in the moment better than a playlist could. They can feel the vibe of your crowd and adjust accordingly while a playlist requires more guesswork as to what the crowd will want to hear. Bands also interact with their audience, making an event more memorable. Here are some tips for picking the right band for your event:

Hire Professionals

Amateur bands will have less experience behind them, which could make them difficult to work with or lead to a bumpy performance. Resist the temptation to hire a cheaper band if it means risking quality.


Always listen to samples of a band’s music. They should have recordings on their website or social media of past performances you can judge from. This way you will know exactly what you are getting and whether it works for the type of event you are hosting.

Volume Control

Any band can play loud, it takes a true professional to know how to rock out while keeping the volume down if they need to. Smaller bands are especially good at this if this is a concern at your venue.

Special Requests

If your event has a theme or falls on a holiday like Halloween or New Year’s Eve, make sure your band knows how to incorporate it into their track list. They should also give you the opportunity to mention any songs that absolutely need to be played.

Sound System

The type the band uses will greatly affect the quality of sound you hear at your event. Ensure they have high-quality equipment that will make great sounding music at any volume. Also make sure their equipment fits in the area you designate for them in your venue.


The number of people in the band, their level of experience, and how professional they are will affect the cost of hiring them. It is always best to compare several bands before making your final decision. It will also give you an idea of reasonable rates. Cheap bands will likely play cheaply because they probably lack experience and professionalism. Most talented musicians spent several years crafting their skill and consider everything that is involved in performing, and will charge accordingly. Many also have advanced degrees in performance.


It should be easy to communicate with your find and keep in touch with them throughout the planning process.


Consider past clients’ comments or ask for references to help make your decision about hiring a band and whether they would be right for your event. A second opinion is always helpful and could open your eyes to things you never considered.

Dress Code

A professional band should be able to dress depending on the type of event, whether that be formal, casual, or even a costume party. It is important that their look fits the theme or vibe of the party as they are a major part of the entertainment and will be a focal point.

Booking through BRISBAND will ensure that all of these points are considered and we can make sure your guests are entertained no matter how extravagant or intimate your event is. If you are unsure of where to begin, contact us today for more advice and recommendations tailored to your venue.

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